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There are free individual and group tutoring sessions in the math department, tutoring centers, and residences. This website offers two ways to brush up on precalculus:

  • The ALEKS software by McGraw-Hill is a time-intensive survey of most precalculus topics you will need to know. It is recommended for students who need extensive practice across many topics, or need to learn such topics from scratch. There is a fee, paid to the publisher.
  • The Stanford Precalculus Videos are much shorter and serve as a review of some important ideas. They are recommended for students to need to reminders of a few concepts within a topic, and are free. Currently only a Mini-Course on trigonometry exists; please contact us to suggest topics of interest to you.

You can begin working through this material from mid-August onwards.  We offer drop-in tutoring hours during the first few weeks of the Fall quarter. If there is interest, we offer online tutoring from the end of August until the middle of the Fall quarter.  Information on how to access these resources is on our Tutoring page.